Oxygen Cylinder Home Service Sell & Rent

To meet the need of oxygen in urgent need.

Due to the increasing outbreak of Corona, the number of patients and deaths is constantly increasing all around.

Doctors are advising corona patients with asymptomatic and mild symptoms to receive treatment at home. Hence the need to purchase necessary equipment including oxygen cylinders, plus oximeters has increased manifold.

Quality oxygen support is one of the demands of the families of all patients suffering from oxygen deficiency. Our skilled team is working to fulfill their wishes. We are committed to providing durable oxygen cylinders and quality oxygen support.

For 24 hours good quality oxygen support and fast and free home delivery contact:
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Whatsapp: 01718930914
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Here you will find:

Medical Oxygen Cylinder Sales
and rent.
You can rent on a weekly, 15 day or monthly basis.

Know the rules for using oxygen at home.

Note: Avoid using oxygen without doctor’s permission.

You can take all kinds of medical advice including corona treatment at home on Sevaghar app.

Where to get oxygen cylinder.?
If you order oxygen cylinder now, you will get it quickly at your home. Maisha Care Ltd. has come to remove your worries. You can now rent or buy oxygen cylinders from us for your sick elderly parents, loved ones or corona patients at your own home.

Delivery and setup

Our skilled and trained team is providing oxygen cylinders 24 hours a day in Dhaka and outside Dhaka as per patient requirement. And our team is specially trained on how you setup the oxygen cylinder cylinder. They will go to your home and setup the oxygen cylinder. Our team will deliver the oxygen cylinder (with oxygen flowmeter, nozzle cannula and oxygen cylinder trolley) to your home as per the doctor’s advice.

Cylinders are available for rent.

Apart from selling oxygen cylinders, we also rent them out. Now you can rent or buy oxygen cylinder from us sitting at home.

Above all, our aim is to provide good quality products and earn your trust.

For more details: https://maishacare.com/product-category/portable-oxygen-cylinder/

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