Nursing Home Care

Nursing home care

What is Nursing Agency

A skilled nurse is needed for patients at home or in hospital. These nurses are provided by nursing agencies. Nursing agencies not only provide nurses, these organizations have many medical sites such as: -Medical Equipment Home Services, Doctor Home Services, Baby care Home Services, Attendant Home Services, Physiotherapy Home Services, Oxygen Cylinder Home Services, Covid Sample Collection Home Services, Ambulance Home services and old age care etc. These companies usually provide their services at home. Because there is no one to look after the patients after bringing them home from the hospital. One of these nursing agencies is Maisha Care Limited.

Maisha Care Limited


This is the website of Maisha Care Limited.

Why Nursing Agency is Necessary

There are nursing agency requirements. Because, a nursing agency can take proper care of patients at home. For example: – A patient may need, medical equipment, doctor home service, attendant home service, physiotherapy home service, oxygen cylinder home service, covid sample collection home service, ambulance home service etc. all these can be provided by a nursing agency. So, if you have a home patient you should connect with a nursing agency. One among all nursing agencies is Nursing Agency BD.

Nursing Agency BD.

this is Nursing Agency BD website. Nursing Home Care.

Nursing Agency that service

  • Nursing Home Care.
  • Neuro Patient Home Care .
  • ICU Patient Home Care .
  • Old Age Care At Home .
  • Palliative Care Home.
  • Mental Patient Home Service.
  • Maternity And Neonatal Home Care.
  • Dementia Patient Home Care .
  • Cancer Patient Home Care.
  • Disability Patient Home Care.
  • Emotional Patient Home Care.
  • Oxygen Cylinder Home Service.
  • Physiotherapy Home Service.
  • Nursing home support one demand.
  • Patient Care Attendant Home Service.
  • Doctor Home Visit.
  • Nutrition Home Service .                          
  • Medicine Home Delivery.
  • Ambulance Services.

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