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What is physiotherapy treatment and why is it so necessary?

Today, thanks to the internet or social media, we are all familiar with the name physiotherapy. But how important is it, at what point physiotherapy treatment is needed? Many may not have a clear idea about it. Many people confuse it with yoga or gym. So let us know something about it today on the occasion of World Physiotherapy Day—–

Physiotherapy is an important branch of modern medical science Physio means body and therapy means treatment, i.e. the word physiotherapy means physical treatment.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a physiotherapist assesses, plans and implements rehabilitation programs to improve and restore muscle function, increase mobility, relieve pain, prevent and treat physical problems related to injuries and other impairments. For example, physical methods mean – therapeutic exercises, special manual methods, electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, ice therapy, laser therapy, proper posture training, use of orthosis and prosthesis, etc.

Physiotherapy is a distinct profession and a physiotherapist is the first contact practitioner, according to the WHO website. That is, a patient can get treatment directly from a physiotherapist without any referral

A recent UK study found that those who received treatment directly from a physiotherapist for aches, pains and injuries saw a 60 per cent reduction in treatment costs. In this case, patients with infection-related pain have been referred to other specialists.

1) Orthopedic Therapy:

Neck, waist and knee pain, rheumatism, any joint – pain, swelling or stiffness, before and after operation, stiffness of limb after plaster or inability to straighten, PLID, osteoarthritis etc.

2) Neurological Therapy:

Stroke, GBS, Bell’s Palsy, Parkinsonism, Nerve Injury, Muscular Dystrophy, Muscle Weakness, Numbness or Numbness, Dryness of Limbs, Inability to Speak, etc.

3) Pediatric Therapy:

Cerebral Palsy, Congenital Defects, Clubfoot, Autism, etc.

4) Sports Therapy:

Injuries in sports are very common, so the advice of a qualified physiotherapist is to recover from the injury and return to normal sports.

5) Speech Therapy:

Speech therapy, also known as speech and language therapy, is a treatment for speech, language, and swallowing problems. A speech therapist, also called a speech-language pathologist, provides speech therapy.

Speech therapy is a process that helps children and adults overcome speech difficulties. It is a type of exercise of the muscles that help in speech.

When a person tries to speak, words come out of the mouth. Some children are reluctant to speak, others are unable or unable to speak. These children are taught about speech patterns. In addition, some adults are unable to speak due to shock, injury or certain diseases. Therefore, this therapy can help them speak and talk.

Speech therapy helps children with mental, physical and neurological (brain related) problems. Pediatric speech therapists work together with neurologists to help such children.

6) Acupuncture:

The ancient Chinese medicine practice of acupuncture is used to treat various medical diseases and symptoms, including pain. At several “acupoints,” an acupuncturist inserts extremely thin steel needles into the patient’s skin. The body’s energy, or qi, is rebalanced by the needles, which also cause the body to release natural chemicals to treat the ailment or symptom.

7) Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy (OT) is a career in healthcare. To establish, recover, or preserve the worthwhile activities or occupations of people, organizations, or communities, it requires the use of assessment and intervention. Occupational therapists are medical professionals with training and education in enhancing both mental and physical performance. Specialists in teaching, educating, and encouraging engagement in any activity that takes up a person’s time are occupational therapists. Occupational therapists (OTs) and occupational therapy assistants make up this independent health profession, which is occasionally referred to as an associated health profession (OTAs). Both OTs and OTAs work with people who wish to improve their mental and/or physical health, illnesses, injuries, or impairments, despite the fact that their duties vary.

Safe Life.

Why is physiotherapy necessary?

In our racing life, there are occasional structural changes in the body, muscle weakness or other changes that do not respond well to medication, and physiotherapy is the only treatment. Medicines can temporarily relieve pain, but structural changes or muscle weakness can never be cured by medicine. Rather, long-term use of pain medication can cause kidney failure or ulcer, asthma or breathing problems.

Also, Gynecological Physiotherapy plays a special role in the complication-free delivery of the baby and the recovery of the complications of the mother after the birth of the baby. Even during the Corona epidemic, the role of CHEST Physiotherapy was immense.

Finally, Physiotherapy is a scientific treatment without any side effects Bachelor degree holders in Physiotherapy from a recognized university are considered as Physiotherapists If you want to take physiotherapy treatment, take the treatment as per the prescription of at least a qualified physiotherapist. Physiotherapy Home Service BD.

Physiotherapy Home Service BD

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