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You can ensure better health care at home. Now from Nursing Agency BD you can get all health care at home very easily. You can get detailed information by typing Nursing Agency BD on Google or Facebook. With just a phone call, our skilled and experienced healthcare workers will reach your home. We have trained and experienced Nurses, Care Givers, Physiotherapists, Nanny/Ward Boy, Medicine Home Delivery, Dietician, Doctor Home Visit, Pathologist, Ambulance Service for all types of health services. Rely on the health care of your sick loved ones at Nursing Agency BD.

Our main goal is to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction possible, and we work hard to continuously raise the bar on the quality of our services by meeting the evolving needs of our clients' families. We used to offer the greatest caretaker services in Dhaka and continue to strive to be the city's top caretaker service provider. Before assigning caregivers to serve our clients, we used to properly train them since they are chosen and employed directly by us. In the past, we conducted thorough reference checks and background checks to establish and authenticate confirmation of identity. Everyone wants the best caregiving assistance for their loved ones at the lowest cost, and we used to deliver the top patient caretakers in Dhaka to your door. One of the greatest caretaker services in Dhaka is provided by our senior citizen caregivers. A working mother wants the best caregiver or babysitter for her newly born child in today's society. The most reputable provider of caretaker, housekeeping, and maid services in Dhaka is Patient Care Home Service & Surgical Items. In Dhaka, our maids or caregivers are trained experts who know how to handle newborn babies gently. To the most delicate customers in Dhaka, we used to offer top-notch, dependable pregnancy care that met all their needs. Safety & contentment are the most crucial factors with any child that needs a caregiver, and we always strive to provide them at the highest level. In addition to all other services, we used to offer patient caretakers in Dhaka, not just to children or senior citizens. We treat your loved ones as if they were our own. When your elderly parents need assistance after you go for work, Patient Care Home Service & Surgical Items believes to provide patient caregivers in Dhaka. Newborn babies receive our professionals' services, including their expertise and training, as well as careful attention. You don't need to worry about your parents because they are being taken care of by our attentive caregivers in Dhaka.

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