Respect for nursing profession

Undoubtedly, nursing stands as a noble profession; however, nurses in Bangladesh often find themselves undervalued and belittled. The concerning physician-to-nurse ratio of 2:1 and the patient-to-nurse ratio of approximately 8,000:1 paint a deplorable picture of the current situation. Rectifying this scenario is crucial to encourage more individuals to choose nursing as their profession.

A prevalent misconception in our society is the inaccurate assumption that nurses merely follow orders from physicians without possessing professional qualifications. In reality, nurses frequently find themselves making critical decisions, especially in the absence of physicians. They play a vital role during surgeries, ensuring proper protocol adherence and providing essential care to relieve patients of pain.

Nurses undergo extensive training, including studying biostatistics, enabling them to collect, present, and analyze patient-related data, thereby contributing to health policymaking. Beyond medical expertise, nurses are also adept at compassionate communication with patients and their families, developing therapeutic and empathetic skills.

Despite their diverse skill set, nurses often face the challenge of not being viewed as credible sources of advice. This lack of recognition is demoralizing, considering the significant contributions they make to the healthcare system. It is imperative to appreciate and respect nurses for their dedicated service, recognizing the vital role they play in ensuring the well-being of patients and the overall healthcare landscape.

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